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My husband… (Whom I could not do this without)…said to me the other day:

 “not everyone gets to have her dream job!”

How true that is…

I am extremely blessed to have grown up in rural Wisconsin - in a big family - where restoring and salvaging was the norm.   Our weekends were auctions and fairgrounds, endless drives down country roads on the continual pursuit of the “find”.  Or, as my Dad used to call it: “going to see a man about a horse”.   One of my first memories as a little girl is stripping an Old Victorian home down to the lath and plaster.  It was a family affair; we kids all had jobs.  I fondly recall the slanted bedroom ceilings, the dormer windows encased with beautiful crown molding, and that old basement smell…  

Mom and Dad nourished in us five kids a love for junk, an appreciation for antiques and a passion to create. They showed us personal taste wasn’t dictated by style, and where the touch of something old spoke volumes and was to be cherished.  They taught us to design by our own thoughts, that hard work is a virtue and most importantly (and I tell my girls this daily) YOU can do anything.

 Even though my home is now in the Southern Nevada desert, I’m still a Midwestern girl at heart. I was homesick for the comfort and enchantment that timeworn treasures provided. 

  Bloom, was born in 2011 out of a need for something different.  

It is a collaboration of all things.

 I’m married to a special and patient man, who works tirelessly to make me smile,

 We have two beautiful daughters that yes, have been bitten by the creative bug.

My wish for you … is to create your own story…

Break the rules, decorate from your soul,

 relish things old and honor their past. 

 Reinvent the idea of what is beautiful.

And cherish those you love.

Let yourself……Bloom

Bridget O'Neill